Erlebnisbericht - Sparchaufenthalt Vancouver Sandra B.

Hy, my name is Sandra I am a 23 years old Swiss which took a 12 week English course on globo-study partnerschool. I decided to go to Vancouver just 2 months before I left Switzerland. Of course I wanted to improve my English and learn as much as possible. So I figured that it would be the best to go to a school and take a course where I will receive a certification at the end, so that I have something to show if I would like to apply for a job in Switzerland. The most common certificate is still FCE so I went on for doing that course.

The class started in march,23 09. At the beginning I was very surprised how fast we went thru the lessons and I was a little scared that I wouldn't made it, but after 3 weeks it changed. We started with 10 people in our class 4 of us were Swiss und 6 Korean. After e few weeks our class grows and we had so many Swiss and Korean-classmates in our class that we had to change the room. I must say that we really had one of the best class ever because we all got along so well with each other that it was very easy to learn and speak whit each other. Our teacher was just awesome. He is Canadian and he has a large know-how about the language. Whenever we had a question or comments we were welcome to bring it into class and if we didn't understand something, he explained it us 3 times if it was necessary.

We used to work with a student book which is produced by Cambridge and I have to say that it was very good to work with. Everything was understandable and at the end of the book there were some grammar folders with good explanations. It includes also very useful exercises for all the different parts of the FCE. For homework we used to work in our workbooks . There also we had very good exercises to do for the preparation to our test. Beside we received some extra grammar sheets as supplement to our student book. All this information's were very useful and all what we needed to do homework like writing letters or what else. Nevertheless, we did some practise test in between which were very similar to our real test. That helped the most because we knew what will happen and what we have to do.

On the whole I really must say that we all had a great time during this course. Sure, sometimes it was hard, especially at the beginning, but we are all so well prepared, that I think it is possible to do for everybody because our teacher told us everything about this exam.

The School them self is just nice. There is a patio outside were you can eat lunch together, or a Computer room to write mails and over all the people who work there are so friendly that it makes it so familiar and harmful that you just can feel like at home.

So I can just recommend you to do this course especially at a globo-study Partnerschool, because you will improve your English a lot.

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