Erlebnisbericht: Sprachaufenthalt Vancouver - Bettina K.

My name is Betty (17) and I'm from the German part of Switzerland. Due to my apprenticeship, which I'm going to start this summer, I had time to widen my horizons. I'm just happy that I chose this globo-study partnerschool. It's such a small and lovely school, where you improve your English so fast.

For me, it wasn't necessary to do the First Certificate (FCE) for my profession. I just wanted to improve my English. Honestly it was pretty tricky, but hard work pays out. Nowadays I can speak with everyone and I don't feel shy anymore. It's an awesome feeling to communicate so easily in a different language.

Soon it will be time to go back to Switzerland. But until then, I will enjoy every single day. Vancouver is such a wonderful city, where everyone is so open. I love this culture and for sure I want to come back one day.

Bettina K., Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE)


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